Emanuel Blagonic: P.S. I love you

Emanuel has more than 13 years of experience and 500+ different projects with worldwide clients on his back. From designing websites to designing touch–screen applications, he has worked with small and big clients, startups and global projects. Although primarily a designer, he’s been in love with WordPress for the past 10 years, being one of the biggest promoters in Croatia – writing articles about WordPress that are not only promoting WordPress but open source as well. He helped to organize WordCamp Croatia and organizes WordPress Meetups Zagreb with his brother Lucijan.

Being one of the pioneers of the web standards movement in Croatia he is active in the community where he works on building a better understanding of design process and educates clients as much as possible.

Emanuel Blagonic

Emanuel Blagonic

This talk is an exploration of how people with disabilities use the web and what are the ways of helping us to create better user experiences for everyone.

Yes. We all say “I love you” too often, and yes – web *IS* the most transparent platform in the world. But, do we really think of all the users in the world that will access our website? We are not all the same. Every one of us uses the web differently. Some use it on their mobile phones, some on their tablets, some on their desktops and some on their televisions.

When building websites we don’t think about *all* the users out there, do we? And the reason is often – money. We don’t get enough of a budget to think of them. But let’s be honest – we should do more. Is there something we should and can do? Is there a way to create a better website for *all the people out there* and not only the lucky ones?

This talk will be particularly interesting for designers, project managers and business owners.
You can reach Emanuel via his website.