Milan Ivanović: Change your theme, but keep your business

Milan Ivanović comes from Serbia and is not only a WordPress addict and developer, but also a huge contributor to WordPress community. Just listen:

  1. He is one of the organizers of the Belgrade WordPress Meetup group.
  2. He has organized WordCamp Belgrade 2015 and 2016.
  3. He was a lecturer in WP Academy in Belgrade and overall WordPress evangelist in Serbia and the Ex-YU region.
  4. And last, but not the least: He was one of the organizers of the WordCamp Europe and going to be organizing the next in Paris, as well. (BTW tickets are already on sale)

Sounds great, right? And to add awesomeness: Milan works at Devana Technologies, company behind ManageWP as a Web developer.

Milan Ivanović

Milan Ivanović

At WordCamp Kyiv Milan will share his experience about writing a new theme for from scratch. Talk will include the whole process from early stages to the final switch: how changes have been done, how update of UX has been going and how it has led all clients into a new design.

His story will touch a lot of people because company’ business is depending on the WordPress installation and the current theme. It’s extremely interesting to know how to prepare theme transition for working website both from technical and customer/business side. Attendees will be able to get insight on how this switch has been planned, what has been improved and what customers have experienced after redesign of the site. And, of course, if Milan was honored or fired after his initiative 😉